Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Strategies to Help Increase your Market Share

For small businesses, reaching and retaining audiences is paramount in a market where consumers are inundated with seemingly endless ads.

With the advancement of technology, there are new ideas to implement to capture the market share your company desires without straying from the marketing principles that have steered business-to-consumer relationships for years. Advertising widgets embedded into Internet sites can be anything from a calendar to a video. Establishing a healthy social media presence can enhance promotion as a digital word of mouth. Blending novel tactics like these with traditional ideas such as relationship building will have your company on the fast track to marketing efficiency. Here are some cutting edge tips for incorporating into your company’s marketing campaign to keep you ahead of the curve.

Engage Your Clients through Email Distribution

One of the most cost-effective ways to reach a large consumer base is to build a targeted email distribution list. Labeled by a study conducted in 2016 by, America has approximately 211 million internet users, equating to about 70 percent of the population. The burden of paying for postage is not essential for the small business landscape. Enlisting sites such as to help set up and facilitate email distribution can help you keep potential clients updated with company occurrences. For instance, if you are having a special promotion, send out an email to remind clients. Keep in mind that subscribing someone to a mailing list without their consent can violate and cause your company unnecessary liabilities.

Master the Use of Widgets

The newest member of the marketing family is a platform called widgets. Widgets are mini-websites that people embed on their webpage, blog, or social media profile. Widgets allow you to distribute your brand across the internet and also engage your audience. Do not look at widgets as simple advertisements; they should aim to do far more. An example is the Google News link supplied by This is a real-time update that stays current with the latest news. When blogger patrons click the widget for a news story that captivates them, the search is operated by Google, thereby utilizing their services.

This widget allows the blog owner to provide news for its readership, and any traffic the blog receives can potentially be directed back to Google. Remember, whenever someone opts to utilize your widget, they are now in control of that widget’s lifespan. Think of widgets as an ongoing marketing campaign when you are constructing them for internet users. A software developer or someone familiar with flash would be a viable source to help design the perfect widget for your company

Establish a Strong Social Networking Presence

In business, establishing relationships is one of the most important aspects, and web 2.0 social networking sites can help you do just that. “In an extremely digital atmosphere, sites like Twitter and allow users to not only create valuable customer relationships but also mobilize customers as viral ambassadors for their brand at virtually no cost,” says Jess Mills, who works for Smoking Chilli Media. Look at these sites as free marketing platforms and members of your network are active promoters. Building a network will also give you a constant visible presence for consumers, clients, and affiliations.

Determine the image your company wants to create and make use of these resources available to your company. Look to leave the customer intrigued and wanting to become engaged with your brand. The marketing landscape has changed and small businesses now have tools to be as successful as the big guys, using these tips will ensure you success in all your marketing endeavors.

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