How Important Is Web Design?

A business website pretty much stands in line with that old saying, first impressions count. While a person might be absolutely outstanding when it comes to their suitability for a job, if they look like they fell off the back of a tractor, the likelihood is, they will get passed over for the guy in the suit. This is just the way it is, and it is also the reason why companies invest substantial amounts of money in website design. Ultimately, it has to look good and function well to truly be a worthy asset.

Website design is important. Even so, that does not mean you will necessarily have to spend an arm and a leg for top designers and programmers. After all, we do not have to wear cote d’azur to look good! In reality, it’s all about how you put it together. Of course, some people simply do not have this ability, and that is why they employ web design agencies such as to deal with it. The bottom line is that you need to access what it is worth to your company. If you are considering self-build, here are a few important elements to get you started.


When someone lands on your website, you literally have seconds to show them what they want. Yes, really! You might have the best content and products in your sector. However, if people cannot find them (FAST), your website will not work for you. Chaotic designs that ‘take you around the houses’ are bad for business. However, it takes a certain amount of insight and experience to get the navigation clean and easy to use. In reality, navigation is probably one of the most important elements on a site.


Think of your pages as employees. If they look moody and unhelpful, a good majority will walk out the door and probably head straight to your competitor (who is waiting with open arms). Additionally, people who need help want it delivered in a clear and friendly way. A badly organised website with no help and a ‘back ally’ feel are destined for disaster. If you want the clients trust, make sure you are there to provide help, and it is delivered in an upbeat ‘happy and helpful’ way.

Keep Up with the Competition

If your competitor has a bright and shiny professional website and you are there with chaotic pages, and a couple of lines of text, which one do you think will get the custom? The fact is us humans are very visual creatures, and we have a tendency to put our trust in what ‘looks right.’ In this way, without a doubt, a well-designed website is essential. Even so, if none of this happens to be important to your business, then you’re probably going to think paying out good money is a worthwhile cause – But you can just about guarantee, your competition will not be thinking the same.

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