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Logo Rivalry: London vs Rio

Olympic Brand Design

With the Paralympics finishing this week, we've reached the conclusion of London's Olympic Summer. There's been questionable costumes, eclectic opening ceremonies, and some great performances by the athletes.

Stairway to Heaven

When my mum told me we were going to visit a book shop whilst wandering around Porto, I wasn't especially excited. With so much reading material online, I don't make a habit of going into book shops to browse the aisles. But approaching this book shop, ‪Livraria Lello‬, I could see this was no Waterstones. Classified by Lonely Planet as the third best bookstore in the world, walking into this small but magnificent-looking building is much akin to walking onto the set of a Harry Potter film. Which is no coincidence, as it's been said that J.K.

Brand Spotlight - Disney

disney world

I attended a Brand Workshop last year, and a discussion began on what brands really evoked a feeling within the group. It was quite easy for everyone in the room to name a brand that they loved or that they felt resonated with them.

Christmas Campaigns

The festive season is again upon us; a chill is in the air, the wood fire is burning, feet are firmly ensconced in woolly socks, and mince pie cravings are rising.

For us here at Creativitea, Christmas time is a season of excitement and family, but also a time for getting into the spirit of things and having our work reflect that. We thought we’d give you a small taste of some of the Christmas creative we’ve done over the years for our clients and for ourselves. Unwrap and enjoy!

Talkmobile Christmas campaign:

Toast of Surrey Awards 2013

Toast of Surrey Awards

Earlier this month we attended the glittering Toast of Surrey Awards, after being selected as one of three finalists for the Creative Industries Award. We donned our best attire and headed over to G-Live in Guildford, to enjoy an evening of music, champagne, and lots of clapping!

City Guide to San Francisco

In the depths of Winter, its easy to let your mind drift off to warmer climes. And what better place than California?

I've been to San Francisco twice; once when I was 4, and again in April 2012. All I remember from the first visit was nauseous taxi rides up and down roller coaster-like roads, so on my second visit I wanted to accomplish a bit more.

If you're a fan of film, video games and design, San Francisco is the place to be. Here's my top tips!

tea* on Toy Design Served

tea* has been chosen by Behance to be featured on Toy Design Served, a site showcasing leading creatives in the industry. We were chosen for the work we did for INQ mobile, our 'make your own' Christmas Santa which was included in their festive email. We're really pleased to be featured on the site, you can see the work here and check out some other cool toy designs.

ITV's New Year Resolution

Its a new year, which means some big brands have unveiled new identities for 2013. One of the first to take the plunge this year is UK TV channel ITV1. Their current blocky, yellow branding was launched in 2006, and this year they have unveiled what they call a "unifying brand identity", to be rolled out across their various sister channels.

Graphic Designer Gift Guide

christmas present

If you've been up all night wondering what to buy the graphic designer in your life this christmas, don't fret any longer - here's our gift guide.

Graphic designers love typography! Kerning, point size, leading and line length are the stuff of dreams. This giant ampersand, crafted out of wood is the perfect addition to any type-lovers desk.

Ugmonk Ampersand

Ugmonk ampersand


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