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Winter Has Arrived!

Winter is coming

Undoubtably some of the best things about Winter...

Wearing socks bigger than your feet and trying to fit them in your shoes

Multicoloured wooly socks

Drinking lots of mulled wine (the oranges contain vitamin C you know)

Mulled wine ingredients in a pan

Studio Quote of the Month

Studio Quote of the Month

You may have noticed the 'Studio quote of the month' on the new tea* homepage. Each month, we'll be posting our favourite quote from one of the tea*m members to give you an insight into studio life at tea towers.

This months quote is zombie inspired! When I arrived I introduced everyone to a game called 'Zombie Attack'** which has subsequently sparked many conversations about how each of us would deal with a zombie apocalypse in Guildford.

Answers included:

Autumn is on its Way!

Autumn is on its way!

I keep hearing people say how sad they are that Summer is nearly over and Autumn is on its way (although Summer never really started this year did it?). Autumn is one of my favourite seasons, so to help you feel cheery about the cooler weather coming our way I've collected together the best bits of Autumn...

It's cool enough to make and eat lots of homemade soup

Rich red tomato soup

You can bake and eat lots of bread in the name of 'needing extra blubber for the cold weather'

tea* Skate Deck Graphics

tea* skateboard graphics

We've spent the last couple of weeks flexing our creative muscles by designing skate deck graphics. These designs are for a collaborative project between tea* and decade skates in Guildford.

Here's a sneaky peek of some of the designs:

Retro sneakers:

Sneaker skateboard design


Food skateboard design

The tea* Shelf

Tea shelf mural

As a bunch of top notch 'tea sommeliers', we spend a fair amount of time in the kitchen each day brewing tea. Boiling 5 cups of water takes time, so we thought it would be nice if the brewer (usually Lindsay) had something to look at whilst waiting for the kettle to boil!

Our kitchen wall is now the proud owner of a hand painted tea shelf illustration.

Some of our concept sketches.

Junk Mail to Handmade Paper

Junk mail

Junk mail is something that comes through our nation's doors in abundance. I've removed myself from direct mailing lists but still receive a fair chunk each month. I started thinking about creative ways I could upcycle junk mail and decided to turn it into handmade paper.

The steps below show you how to make paper using items you will already have at home.

You will need:

Introducing Gemma Garner

Gemma Garner, Creative Designer

Hi, I'm Gemma. The new creative at Creativitea.

What lead me to Creativitea?
I discovered Creativitea whilst on the search for a design agency that wants to do some good in the world. With their pledges to help charities and students, it sounded like the perfect company for me. I'd be lying if I denied that the BBQ on the balcony also played a part.

Poster Winners Announcement!

Poster winners announcement!

The entries are in and process and the winners of last months 'Keep Calm' poster are... KevKB @jessbatfink Charli Firecracker Easson and Forrst winners to be announced soon! Anyway, they are printed and packaged up, time to get the new poster up which is a crazy bit of illustration from our art director!

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