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Our "Social Competiton"

Our "Social Competiton"

To encourage experimental and creative thought, we have devised a "Social Competition". Every so often a tea*m member will devise a poster theme which we will then explore and each create a poster based on any discipline of design the designer fancies.

These A2 posters will then be available to win to the 5 randomly selected follows who tweet with a hashtag which will be available from our blog. It will also be available to the 5 Facebook fans that ‘like’ the designs.

Once the round is finished we will offer the posters for sale on our website to kick off our new design store where we will be selling posters, postcards, etc from not only our tea*m but anyone who is looking to get their work out there.

So watch this space for this month’s hashtag or check out our Facebook entry on our Facebook Page and make sure your following us on Twitter

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