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Introducing Prole

Prole graffiti

Here at Creativitea* we love creativity. All kinds of it, art, graphic design, illustration, photography, graffiti, the list is endless. But at times there is someone who captures our eye and ignites our imaginations, and Prole is this person. We simply love his work and love his creativity!

Prole is a British graphic artist, artist being the best description as he works in a variety of mediums from canvas, screen prints and t-shirt’s. His artworks are often striking and humourous pieces occasionally combined with slogans. Using a distinctive stenciling technique  and imagery of iconic idols of popular culture such as Mickey Mouse and fashion with the likes of Kate Moss, his art has been compared to Banksy and Eelus.

Since going full time with his self proclaimed ‘hobby’ late 2008, Prole has been in two group shows and a solo exhibition at the Red Museum gallery in Osaka and group show at the Bunkamura Gallery in Tokyo, where his work was shown with the likes of Banksy, Nick Walker and Eelus. In 2009 following great success in these shows he was invited personally and featured at “the lock up”, a pop up gallery show put on by Goldies agent Eddie Lock. Here his work was featured with other artist Goldie, Nick Walker, Eelus, Mau Mau, Stead Head and Jamie Read. Prole has just launched a range of t-shirts bearing his art which will soon be available at

His work has an emtional and human connection, the use of popular culture imagery such as R2-D2 and putting it in another contexts, gives it a new meaning while at the same time pulling in on your child hood memories (or if you just a plain Star Wars fan, its just cool). However it’s this that makes us a fan of his work and the attention to detail, along with the craftsmanship within his work make him a talented artist, one we feel will have further success in his career. Prole is already a large favorite here and has a presence in the studio with several peices of his art scattered on our wobbly walls. He has become a colleague of ours and we are looking forward to working with him commercially in the future.

Check out his art and his t-shirts on his flickr page with the link posted below.

Prole flickr page

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